Why Temple of the Dark Mother?

When deciding on a name for the new tradition we wanted to capture the idea of people who are equals coming together to study and practice for transformation in both themselves and the world.  We chose Temple of the Dark  Mother because she is the deity that represents the power of change.  Circulos Tenebris Matrem Arcanas means Circle of the Dark and Mysterious Mother - this is our Inner Order of the Temple.

What are We About?


The Temple is a framework of spiritual teachings and practices that are used by individuals for their personal path.  There is no dogma or specific requirements in the Tmeple of the Dark MOther (other than to be kind to others and respectful of all beliefs).  We use Kabbalah, Meditation, Gnosis (personal experiential knowledge), and various aspects of deity to aid us in our endeavors.  Every practitioner has the freedom to use the tradition however they choose.  We embrace every spiritual path as valid and able to be incorporated into our teachings.

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Upcoming Rituals - Wheel of the Year
Oct. 31

SAMHAIN - Festival of the Dead (Spiritual New Year).  Join us in ritual as we assist the dead on their Journey.  Suggested deities Hecate (Supernal Goddess of Enlightenment) and Hades (God of the Underworld).  

Dec. 22

YULE - Winter Solstice.  Join us in ritual as we celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Suggested deities Cerridwen (Goddess of Witchcraft) and Cernunnos (The God of Nature).  

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Lilith Altar (Yule 2018)

Lilith Altar (Yule 2018)