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Embracing Lilith

by Mark H. Williams (Author)

Embracing Lilith is a three-part exposition delving into the entity who is called the first woman, a demoness, and Dark Mother.  Each section takes up a different way of experiencing her.  The first is through her history and metaphysics; the second is her myth told from her point of view; and the third is through experiential practice, meditation, and ritual.  It is an intimate look into the much-maligned and misunderstood Lilith who first appears in Mesopotamian epics and Hebrew legend.   Through this book you will come in contact with Lilith and in doing so learn a great deal about yourself along the way.

Mark H. Williams is consecrated as a Bishop in the Independent and Gnostic movement and holds a master’s in theology as well as a certificate in transformative coaching.  He has been a student of many religions and spiritual traditions.



Shades and Shadows

by Mark H. Williams (Author) and Tiffany Stafford (Artist)

Shades and Shadows is a graphic novel written by Mark Williams with art by Tiffany Stafford. The story takes place in Austin, Texas and is a supernatural suspense thriller that has elements of spirituality, strong characterization, and lots of action. There are many twists and turns through the 5-part story.