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Exploring Spirit

On of the goals of The Circle of the Dark Mother is the forging of connections so that people can find their own path; studying and exploring whatever aspects of the spiritual path resonate with them.  

Affiliations, Arcs, & Pantheons Guide

Circle of the Dark Mother Youtube Channel


ARCs are groups within the Tradition where individuals can explore areas that they want to learn more about.



Because we have no dogma we encourage our initiates to work with whatever deities they wish.  The following are some suggested pantheons.



Many Traditions make a big differentiation between monotheistic and "pagan" religions.  The theory is that the Hebraic Traditions are monotheistic and most others are polytheistic.  There are also theologic debates on whether deities are aspects of each other or separate entities.  In Kabbalah there can be a synthesis of all these ideas.  The Hebrew word Partzufim means "Personality".  The concept is that there is one "God" that is beyond all and in complete unity, but as divine light refracts down through the universe, separate deities are produced - all with different personalities and attributes just as people are all different.  We consider all deities separate yet part of the "whole" beyond creation.  These Partzufim are both male and female.

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